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Only a personal phone number and a reliable administrative office turn your company domicile in Switzerland into a functioning virtual office.

Our phone service offers you both: your own CH number (+41 …) and employees who answer all calls under your company name. This way your company is always reachable, and you are guaranteed not to miss any calls. If you wish, we can also forward calls to your mobile number.

Phone service Switzerland Zug Zurich

Telephone service: our offer at a glance


CHF 39 / month

(ca. 35.00 EUR / 40.00 USD)

Our services:

  • Your own Swiss telephone number (+41)

  • Forwarding of incoming calls to a mobile number

  • Call acceptance under your company name

  • Direct notification by e-mail


Contact us for more information about telephone service in Switzerland, in the canton of Zug and Zurich.

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